Feb 2014 25

If you live in the midwest, scratch that – if you live in this Polar Vortex of the United States this year you are having issues street skating. When you get stuck in this situation, you typically find yourself at any skatepark, indoor warehouse, parking garage, whatever you can find that has shelter, and gives you the ability to roll and blade. Enjoy Stefan shredding some ramps during the tundras of the Winter solace.

Feb 2014 04

With the brand being restructured we have a final list of 8 riders on the team. No flow, no am, no bull, just a collective group of bladers that have proven themselves worthy to represent the Scribe image, name, and legacy.

Sep 2013 23

“I’ve been a huge hardcore fan since I was in middle school, even more so in the past year. I’ve always wanted someone to make an edit to some of the bands I listened to, but I got tired of waiting and decided to do it myself.” – Stefan Brandow.

Aug 2013 15

Eric Miller has been a valuable staple to Scribe Industries since he was asked to join back 3 years ago. He has proven to consistently produce and progress while serving for the Army Reserves. He is easily one of the best tour guides and spot builders in the industry and joining him in a blade session is an absolute pleasure, so try to schedule a session with him as soon as possible!

Apr 2013 19

Mr. Fromm definitely exceeded limitations in this piece! Perfection and control should be his real first and middle name. Check out this edit, it surely is one for the books. Support Jon and Scribe Industries by purchasing the new Signature AM v1 wheel now available around the globe!

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