Feb 2013 26

Kirill has been a shining example of how hard work, dedication and professionalism pays off. Since being added to the Scribe family in 2011 he has boosted international sales in his region, represents the brand world-wide at every event he attends, and proves to keeping pushing his own limitations and boundaries for the growth of our sport. Keep your eyes on Kirill Galushko, for he is a stepping stone for international visibility and growth.

Dec 2012 25

First and foremost, Happy Holidays! We are super eager to announce the newest addition to the Scribe family. This person has been a staple name in the industry for at least a decade, and is one of the most loyal and hard-working individuals in the game. His dedication and drive is bar-none and we are excited to have him become a part of the Scribe family. We would like to introduce ‘Brett Dasovic’ as our most recently added professional to the Scribe Industries brand. Brett was an original choice for Scribe when I decided to re-establish the company back in 2008. His loyalty to his current and previous sponsors is extremely admirable and at this point in his career a transitional choice was made to ensure Brett received the exposure and clout he has worked so hard for. So please take your time, relax, and enjoy watching Brett’s first Pro.File with Scribe Industries!

Dec 2012 04

Yup, already – Tim has produced another profile for your wonderous eyeballs! The dude never stops, and as you can see, he constantly is skating with new people, new crews and new locations. Be sure to find Tim in your local area real soon! Enjoy this lil’ doozy. Filmed and Edited by: Guillaume Latrompette

Nov 2012 06

Josh continues to prove his skills on the blades. His consistency and flow is addicting and enjoyable to the eye! Take a nice gander at Josh shredding hard. Filmed & Edited by Wilson Robinson.

Oct 2012 10

With summer coming to a close I decided to throw everything Bruno delivered over the spring and summer months. Enjoy style and flawlessness in your face holes!

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