Oct 2012 02

Tim Franken is rapidly becoming a household name around the aggressive inline industry. Tim’s dedication to the the sport and skate culture is bar none and his recent competition track record over the last 18 months is direct proof. This profile took awhile to finish, which I am cause for blame. But I would like the thank the other 7 filmers for contributing footage and time to help Tim continue to launch his skate career into new levels and boundaries.

Sep 2012 24

Eric is an east coast renegade! Mr. Miller is always pushing his boundaries, building the most incredible spots, and overall just enjoying rollerblading in every regard. A definite pioneer of the east coast. Mr. Miller always seems to turn heads. Start spinning yours and gander over this edit.

Sep 2012 15

Kyle is a hidden powerhouse. Not many know of him, but when they see him skate, or watch an edit they are sure to remember who he is. Kyle has easily been growing him name in the last few years and his skating shows it. We are happy to introduce him from a support skater to a team flow member!

Aug 2012 30

Casey is a legend. He is also one of the top ledge skaters in history and this edit backs up that statement. Look out for Casey’s 5th pro wheel this coming November! Enjoy the edit.

Aug 2012 17

Kevin is the most recently announced addition to the Scribe AM team. He has been a tremendous part of the company since his start this past Spring. He is a Canadian native that definitely holds it down for his country and flag.

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