Sep 2012 24

Eric is an east coast renegade! Mr. Miller is always pushing his boundaries, building the most incredible spots, and overall just enjoying rollerblading in every regard. A definite pioneer of the east coast. Mr. Miller always seems to turn heads. Start spinning yours and gander over this edit.

Aug 2013 15

Eric Miller has been a valuable staple to Scribe Industries since he was asked to join back 3 years ago. He has proven to consistently produce and progress while serving for the Army Reserves. He is easily one of the best tour guides and spot builders in the industry and joining him in a blade session is an absolute pleasure, so try to schedule a session with him as soon as possible!

Jan 2015 07

Attentiooooon! At front. Eric Miller reported for duty again. You do not want to miss what Mr. Miller has been up to between serving for his country, and working around the winter weather. Eric’s finesse and vocabulary is clearly depicted in his second Scribe installment.