Aug 2012 30

Casey is a legend. He is also one of the top ledge skaters in history and this edit backs up that statement. Look out for Casey’s 5th pro wheel this coming November! Enjoy the edit.

Feb 2013 26

Kirill has been a shining example of how hard work, dedication and professionalism pays off. Since being added to the Scribe family in 2011 he has boosted international sales in his region, represents the brand world-wide at every event he attends, and proves to keeping pushing his own limitations and boundaries for the growth of our sport. Keep your eyes on Kirill Galushko, for he is a stepping stone for international visibility and growth.

May 2014 19

Tim Franken is a beast, plain and simple. Where ever Tim lurks, people follow, and where ever Tim blades, people progress. He has become a new staple out in California, and a sheer force to reckon with in any contest or competition. When Tim was introduced on Scribe in 2010-2011, I immediately knew he would one day be rocking his own pro wheel and being added to the list of professional rollerbladers deserving enough for a signature product.

Jun 2014 19

A born Wisconsinite to a welcomed Minnesotan, Corey Glanville has easily made himself stick out from the crowd. With the overwhelming talent spewing from the Minnesota scene, Mr. Glanville moved in with great ambition and determination to become one of the top names and talents not only the Minnesota area, but the entire midwest. With only being rooted in MN for nearly 3 years, Corey has won countless competitions including back to back placement at the Jeph Howard Summit Competition and back to back first place victories at the Street Fighter series. Corey will make a lasting impression on anyone that watches him skate, and his personality and charisma show his true colors and professionality.

Dec 2014 22

They say some people struggle to make a come-back, where others explode into the stratosphere. Adam however is the missile in this scenario. After a good hiatus from the lime-light, Mr. Bazydlo re-emerged two years ago with a hungry appetite to bring back hammers, and wait, more hammers. Big kinks, balance rails, roofs, wall rides and drop rails – we can tell that Adam’s way of blading is a bit old school for today generation of curb slides, and toe rolls, but this won’t stop him from showing the community how to overall have fun on rollerblades, while still putting your life on the line.