Oct 2012 02

Tim Franken is rapidly becoming a household name around the aggressive inline industry. Tim’s dedication to the the sport and skate culture is bar none and his recent competition track record over the last 18 months is direct proof. This profile took awhile to finish, which I am cause for blame. But I would like the thank the other 7 filmers for contributing footage and time to help Tim continue to launch his skate career into new levels and boundaries.

Dec 2012 04

Yup, already – Tim has produced another profile for your wonderous eyeballs! The dude never stops, and as you can see, he constantly is skating with new people, new crews and new locations. Be sure to find Tim in your local area real soon! Enjoy this lil’ doozy. Filmed and Edited by: Guillaume Latrompette

May 2014 19

Tim Franken is a beast, plain and simple. Where ever Tim lurks, people follow, and where ever Tim blades, people progress. He has become a new staple out in California, and a sheer force to reckon with in any contest or competition. When Tim was introduced on Scribe in 2010-2011, I immediately knew he would one day be rocking his own pro wheel and being added to the list of professional rollerbladers deserving enough for a signature product.